GUR Rankings April 2023

WFTDA Rankings Explained

The WFTDA Rankings are calculated to represent the strengths of all WFTDA teams throughout the world, based on their recent results. For more information about how our rankings are calculated, please read the WFTDA Rankings Policy.

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Rankings Table Explained

W is the amount of wins this season. L is the amount of losses. G is the amount of games. cG represents regionally close games that have taken place this season. ERG is the amount of extra-regional games this team has played. GPA is the current game point average. To find out more, visit here.

1 Black Rose A Hanover, PA, US ww 2 2 0 2 80.77
2 Columbia Columbia, SC, US l 1 0 1 1 36.49
3 Panhandle A Ft Walton, FL, US l 1 0 1 1 9.29